January 2013

Hatch Branding

Hatch Branding
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Hatch Branding

This notable Silicon Valley PR firm looked to us to help create an identity and communications template for their uniquely personable company. The identity exploration involved numerous iterations and even some character design which we were more than thrilled to explore. The resulting mark and character ended up on business cards, environmental banner, animated in the communications template, desktop images and even a larger than life version of the character made it onto the office wall. The principals of the company were a delight to work with so if you’re in need of a superb PR firm – consider the Hatch.

Thank you Ryan! The feedback we are getting from the Hatch team and our loved ones is overwhelmingly positive the animation is blowing folks away! Everyone adores the birds, we love all the options. This process has been a real morale boost for the team so thank you.
Amy Swanson | Hatch Founder
Project Date
January 2013
Team Roles
Illustration, Design, Animation and Presentation
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