April 2019

Facebook Events

Facebook Events
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Facebook Events

I have been supporting Mark and the Facebook executive team at f8 for more than a decade. From the very first f8 held in SF in 2007 to the most recent one held in San Jose. While my role has evolved significantly over the years as the company and events have grown, I consider it a privilege to have played such a consistent role at such an influential company. The slides above are a sampling of my deck work over the years going all the way back to the very first iteration of the Facebook social graph.

In addition as Facebook ventures into the world of virtual reality and augmented reality they have increasingly needed to visualize this unique blend of real and virtual spaces. Our skills in 3D and 2D compositing along with our understanding of motion design allow us to tackle these ambitious requests. The examples above are just a sample of some of the AR and VR related visuals we’ve tackled for a cascade of Facebook events.

You created the first in a long lineage of social graph animations that would feature at many F8s to come!
Mark Zuckerberg | Facebook CEO
Project Date
April 2019
Team Roles
2D & 3D image compositing, illustration, animation, video production, slide integration and design.
Team Credits

Project Direction
The many talented folks on the FB communications team these last 10+ years.

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