December 2019

Pinterest Template

Pinterest Template
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We've been working with the executive communications team at Pinterest since 2014. During that time we've provided internal and external slide production support for Ben Silberman and Evan Sharp. We've also created consistent reusable templates for their various global teams to take and build their own decks. Having done this for a few other large companies in the San Francisco Bay Area we were well prepared for the considerable scope of work. We scoured Pinterest's vast collection of previously created decks across all divisions of their company, factored in their evolving brand direction as well as the way they showed their product to create a unique and customizable Keynote template for the company. While a daunting task for such a visually diverse company we were both very pleased with the final product. The project was so well received we went through the entire process again when the company rebranded a few years later. While outdated I am still showing the original template project here as they are still actively using the latest template we created for current internal and external communications.

Ryan, thanks so much for your help. I was so impressed with your ability to take our ramblings and turn it into something coherent and clear. I also bet the more organized we become the better your work will be.
Ben Silberman | CEO Pinterest
Project Date
December 2019
Team Roles
Art direction, illustration, animation, slide production, template creation.
Team Credits

Project Direction
Ben Chiaramonte

Music 2.3 Courante — Peter Gregson

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