June 2016

DP Micro-Credentials

DP Micro-Credentials
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Digital Promise Micro-Credentials

Digital Promise needed a succinct and consistent way to introduce and explain their new Micro-Credentialing program. Having worked with them on their corporate identity, company presentations and the Micro-Credential badges themselves they called on us to help get the job done. The product team wrote and recorded the script while we storyboarded and produced the animation. We were all pleased with how everything came together.

We loved working with Spratt.media on this project and it has been our most viewed marketing video to date.
Karen Kator |  Digital Promise CEO
Digital Promise
Project Date
June 2016
Team Roles
Script guidance, storyboarding, art direction, illustration, animation, video production, audio production.
Team Credits

Audio Engineering
Justin Converse

Patti (DP Employee)

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