February 2013

Pubvest Explainer

Pubvest Explainer
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Pubvest Introduction

The Pubvest intro project brief and script gave us a unique opportunity to dip into the wonderful world of 2D character design and animation. With it’s large cast of characters and 2D/3D scene compositing it was easily our most ambition animation project to date. The Pubvest executive team was great to work with and our collaborative efforts resulted in a final product we are both really proud of.

You've done extraordinary work here. We were all smiles watching this video. The commitment and creativity of you and your team comes through with every frame. So, thank you for going above and beyond, and for a job very well done.
Brian Goldsmith | Pubvest President
Project Date
February 2013
Team Roles
Script guidance, storyboarding, art direction, illustration, animation, video production, voiceover recording and audio production.
Team Credits

Audio Engineering
Justin Converse

Illustration Support
Sarah Clark

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