January 2019

Google Build Out

Google Build Out
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Google Build Out

This unique series was an exploration in bringing TV level writing, scripting, editing and production to the Google Developer community. All of this with the expressed purpose of sparking conversations about novel uses of Google tech to solve real problems in a hypothetical way. Our role in all of this was to help visualize these hypothetical solutions and the respective hosts in tight, cheeky animated sequences. The role was challenging as we were constantly navigating a tight show deadline but the irreverent and playful spirit of the show and it's hosts made it one of the most enjoyable projects we've had the fortune to work on.

Want to see all the nerdy details? Check out the full episode here.

Wow, that’s fantastic. This looks really really cool! No comments, love it :)
Colt McAnlis & Reto Meier | Lead Actors & Google Engineers
I've watched all these videos at least 500 times each, truly. I get such a kick out of seeing these come to life!
Virginia Poltrack | Google Illustrator
Google Developer
Project Date
January 2019
Team Roles
2D & 3D Animation, Animation Concept Development Based on Script
Team Credits

Virginia Poltrack

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