January 2012

Turn Service Videos

Turn Service Videos
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Turn Audience Suite

The Turn Audience Suite video is a high level walk through of Turn’s robust multi-channel ad service. It was no small task to capture the complexity and power of the service in clear simple forms, actions and icons but we thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. The Turn Marketing team was great to work with every step of the way. Plus, the success of this project opened the door to working on it’s compliment Turn Campaign Suite.

Turn Campaign Suite

The Turn Campaign suite video was an additional project request due to the success of the Turn Audience Suite project above. This particular portion of their service is where all the action happens and because of that we had the unique challenge of taking a feature rich, multi level UI and simulate it in a logical and digestible way. Motion graphics is a great medium for this kind of communication challenge as it gives us the freedom to create a UI based on the original but not be constrained by the actual process in the interest of brevity and clarity of function for each key feature we cover.

All I can say is WOW. What a nice New Year's gift! FYI, we showed the animation to Matt and others on the product team. They LOVED it.
Carol Weiss Miller | Turn Director of Marketing and Communications
Project Date
January 2012
Team Roles
Script guidance, storyboarding, art direction, illustration, animation, video production, voiceover recording and audio production.
Team Credits

Audio Engineering
Justin Converse


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