March 2021

Lost Irish 3D Bottle

Lost Irish 3D Bottle
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Lost Irish 3D Bottle Photography

The talented team at MiniSuper needed photo-real renderings of their bottle design for a marketing campaign and website design before the bottle was scheduled to be manufactures and photographed. They Brough Us in to model, texture and light a 3D version of their custom design rendered a key angles for their various campaigns. Even after the bottle was manufactured and photographed the digital renders are used interchangeably with the real photographs on their website, which to us, is the best testament to the success of the project. You can check it out here.

I really appreciate your patience. We also really appreciate your help and your renders. Hopefully you enjoy seeing it all over social media as much as we do.
Samantha Brody | Marketing Manager, Casa Lumbre Spirits

MiniSuper + Casa Lumbre Spirits
Project Date
March 2021
Team Roles
3D modeling, texturing and lighting
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Bottle & Label Design

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