December 2021

Next Vivo Organoids

Next Vivo Organoids
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Next Vivo Web & Presentation 3D Media

Adam the CEO of NextVivo has some pretty special bio tech and while he makes a better motion designer and presentation developer than I would ever make a micro biologist he needed some help refining his initial 3D animations for his website and pitch deck. We were able to build on the first pass of his companies story and leveled up his renders and expand his story on a number of important fronts. His story got covered in the Venture Capital section of the Wall Street Journal and his updated pitch deck is still making solid traction as he connects with partners and investors.

Thanks for getting me these revisions so quickly — impressive. These are definitely
the right direction.
Adam Margolin, Ph.D | NextVivo, CEO
Next Vivo
Project Date
December 2021
Team Roles
3D Modeling, texturing, rendering, animation, design, art direction, illustration, presentation design.
Team Credits
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