September 2018

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest
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Oculus Quest Launch

For Mark Zuckerberg Keynote announcement of Oculus Quest at OC5 we took the product 3D model that was created for static hero rendered and created a fluid animated sequence that called out the major features of this exciting new product. We also further enhanced those 3D renders with 2D animation overlays inline with the various talking points. This was then packaged into interactive clickable Keynote slides for Mark's main stage announcement.

Missed the announcement! Watch it again here.

Thank you for your amazing work so far. If you look at the deck as it stands now, it is mostly your work. If that’s not a testament to your amazing talent I don’t know what is. I’d have no idea what I would do without you! You’re the best. Literally.
Dan Zhou  | Executive Communication Designer
Project Date
September 2018
Team Roles
3D & 2D Product Animation
Team Credits

Quest Model
Oculus & Tim Zarki

Art Direction
Dan Zhou

Music 2.3 Courante — Peter Gregson

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