March 2022

Stellar Pizza Truck

Stellar Pizza Truck
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Stellar Pizza 3D Truck Renders & Pitch Deck

The Serve Automation team needed help visualizing and branding their mobile pizza making robot truck placed in a number of probable use case environments. They also needed help taking those rendered assets and design a compelling pitch deck for their Series-A round of funding while also applying some fresh Stellar Pizza brand work they had just completed with another agency. We were tapped to do both.

The 3D renders not only helped inform the final design of their first truck but the resulting pitch deck help them achieve their Series-A funding goals. Their lead investor was Jay-Z of MVP no less!

If you are in the LA area be on the look out for the soon to be iconic red Stellar Pizza truck near you in 2022! If you are curious how a robot makes a pizza in under 45 seconds you can check out a prototype at work here.

First I just wanted to say… WOW!  It all looks so good.  The use of real photos are great.  You really took our brand guidelines and made it real.  So awesome!
Benson Tsai | Serve Automation, Founder & CEO
Serve Automation
Project Date
March 2022
Team Roles
3D Modeling, Texturing and Animation, art direction and presentation design.
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